Practical Tactical

Level 1 - Surviving the Fight

Surviving the fight introduces students to defensive shooting fundamentals, drawing from the holster, and intuitive shooting, skills needed to improve the defender’s odds of surviving a violent encounter. This will be broken up over 6 weeks with 3-hour sessions. Approximately 1 hour of each session will take place in the classroom with the rest of the time spent on the range working through skill application and development. 

Level 2 - Thriving in the Fight

Surviving a violent encounter is enough to come out on the other side but at what cost? Learning to thrive during a life-threatening situation is the difference between surviving with life-long injuries and leaving the fight in the same condition you went into it. This series of courses over a 6-week period will comprise 3-hour sessions with approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction and 2 hours of practical application and skill development.

Level 3 - Owning the Fight

Making it through the fight in one piece is a laudable outcome. Addressing a violent encounter in a way that feels natural is even better. Taking your skills to the next level means that when you forced to defend yourself or your loved ones, you aren’t just able to thrive in a fight; you own the fight. This course of instruction over a 6-week period will occur in 3-hour sessions with approximately one hour of classroom instruction and two hours of practical application and skill development